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 The 10 Advantages of USANA's Compensation Plan

   1. Easy start–so everyone can be a part of USANA.
   2. You help others downline as you help yourself. Many plans pay more when you place everyone you personally sponsor directly with you.
   3. Most companies pay commission monthly. Some pay big bonuses yearly!
   4. You benefit even if volumes are generated way deep down your organisation.
   5. An international seamless plan greatly extends your network’s growth potential.
   6. No waste here! In other compensation plans all sales volume may be wiped clean at the end of each month, whether you arepaid or not.
   7. It’s fair– Distributors take turns being upline and downline to one other.
   8. As the number of shares increases, leadership bonuses offer exceptional income.
   9. These reasonable requirements ensure you won’t ever need to turn your bedroom into awarehouse.
  10. You can choose to fast-track your business, and income, from USANA.

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