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How to select the Supplement?

Not All Supplements are Created Equal

level-headed questions you should ask when selecting a nutritional supplement

1. Complete? 
“A little of every nutrient is better than lots of one or two”
A good supplement provides a broad spectrum of essential nutrients –vitamins, minerals and a variety of antioxidants such as bioflavanoids, alphalipoic acid and coenzyme Q10. Many “multi”-formulas do not include the more costly nutrients.   

2. Balanced?
“Nutrients work best together, in synergy – not alone”
A good supplement delivers nutrients in balance, so our body can enjoy their synergistic benefits. Out of balance formulation may be harmful, as excessive amounts of one nutrient can sometimes hamper the body’s absorption of another

3. Potent?
“Too much of any is harmful. But too little is ineffective” 
The amount of each micronutrient we need is very small (often in thousandths of a gram a day). However, a good supplement provides sufficient amounts for optimal health. These amounts are often higher than the RDA’s (Recommended Dietary Allowances), which are minimum levels. RDA’s minimum level of consumption does not claim to prevent deficiency diseases.

4. Bio-Available?
“What doesn’t get absorbed and used, is wasted”
Vitamins and minerals can come in various forms, some more easily absorbed and used by the body than others. A good supplement always uses the most bio-available form. For example, chelated minerals, i.e., those bonded to amino acids, are more readily absorbed than mineral salts.

5. Safe?
“Above all, do no harm” 
A good supplement avoids nutrients like iron, and preformed VitaminA - which can be harmful on long term use. It is also manufactured to more exacting standards to ensure purity and uniformity in every tablet. Products that are made to high quality standards are best.

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