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Optimal Health for Your Future
Healthy For Life
Every day of our lives, we are fighting a battle forthe health of our bodies Our skin protects us from germs and bacteria in the air and on each surface we touch. Our immune system battles the internal wars against unwanted iruses.Eventually, without proper nutrition and care, these outside forces wear our defenses down and leave us vulnerable to disease and unwanted health problems.You may not notice these changes at first. But their effects start taking shape as we find ourselves unableto perform the daily activities we used to, lacking the energy we once had, losing our mental sharpness, or lamenting the effects of time on our appearance.But this doesn’t have to be a losing battle. It is possible to add youth to our years and preserve good health into the future.
Healthy By Choice
Maintaining youthful vitality is the direct result of making positive choices to protect our body’s cells every day. A healthy diet, quality supplementation,regular exercise, proper hydration, advanced skincare, and a positive mindset all have an impact on our ability to live our life to its greatest potential.
The Science Behinda Lifetime of Health

How our cells are damaged

Healthy Atom (paired electrons)

Free radicals are highly destructive molecules. Because they are missing an electron, they destroy healthy molecules by stealing their electrons and making them into free radicals as well. This causes a chain reaction of damage to various parts of our cells.

  Free Radical(missing one electron)

Free radicals can result from our environment. Free radicals are also produced by our body during the process of burning food for energy. We cannot avoid them, but we can neutralise their action.

Why a healthy diet helps

 Antioxidant(extra electrons)
 Food, particularly fruits and vegetables, supplies many types of antioxidants, which “donate” their extra electrons to neutralise free radicals. Eating a variety of healthy food also gives our body the nutrients it needs to repair and regenerate damaged cells. But maintaining a healthy diet is difficult. Researchers believe that supplementary antioxidants are useful for combating free radicals in addition to the body’s normal defence systems.

Seeing is believing

 Dr. Myron Wentz, an expert on human cell culture, demonstrated the harmful effects of our environment and certain unhealthy foods on human cells.

Healthy human cells in culture

Cells after adding digested products from a fatty meal

Similar cells when antioxidants are included

By Chance or by Choice?

...of these two people can represent your future. Are you content to leave it toa roll of the dice?

 Nothing is more valuable than your health – not your boss, not your friends, not even your family – because when you lose your health, everyone you respect or love suffers with you. Are you maintaining your health by chance or by choice?

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