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Why choose MySmart Shake? Today we often get energy from the main food. (Macronutrients) carbohydrates, protein and fat in unbalanced proportions. People tend to look for foods that are low in calories and may overlook the source. The proportion of energy that needs to be balanced is 50-60: 10-20: 20-30. From carbohydrates, proteins and fats, respectively. True, if we want to reduce or control weight, we need to limit the energy we receive. But this proportion of energy still needs to be balanced. Just suggest reducing the car. And add more protein. The fat is still to be obtained, but it must be fat is good to have a body part in this MySmart Shake from USANA to finish. One sheke is about 200 kcal and has a carbohydrate distribution: protein: fat = 30:40:30.

 MySMART™ Shake Soy

Protein drinks contain 13 components but provide the full quality. What is unique and different from other products is the selection of good natural fats. "Coconut oil".

 Fibergy Plus

High quality fiber Low glycemic index The specific formula contains selumium. Soluble fiber Stimulates the intestines to function normally and inulin, which is prebiotics. Good for gut health.


Pure whey protein to added to the shake.It is a simple degradable protein, consisting of 100% whey concentrate providing the complete essential amino acids. It is important to strengthen the muscles to be larger and stronger.

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